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Step 2: How much waste do you create?

Step 2: How much waste do you create?

Teachers from both partner schools should contact each other to organize the exchange of information for this activity. Teachers should think about timing, number of groups and which system to use to send student contributions. This can be done using the workspace offered on the portal, the TwinSpace or by integrating this project with other projects (e.g. blog/wiki*).

Preparing questionnaires
Then, students prepare a questionaire about what they know and what they would like to know about partner country’s bins.

Students work in pairs and produce a questionnaire to send to partner country.

Teacher may want to elicit or provide some prompts:
For example:
Last week did you throw away….?
Have you ever thrown away….?
Do you use plastic cups?
How often do you ….
Where do you put ….
How much…?
How many…?

Answering questionnaire
c) Students reply to questions/questionnaires and they answer by using flashmeeting and then publishing their answer on the magazine of the project.

d) When they receive the information from their partner class they can also collate the information and illustrate with a chart.
Students can do this by hand or using PCs (e.g. Office Excel ). First students work out percentages and write them in, then they create a bar chart or pie chart

Online questionnaire
Teacher can ask students what the 3Rs are.
R- for reduce
R- for re-use
R- for recycle
Students can do an online rubbish questionnaire to check how much they know about waste and how good they are at looking after the earth’s resources
About general facts:
About their lifestyles:

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