venerdì 20 febbraio 2009

1 step

Student sheet

Ist task

match the words to the correct definition

1. to throw away

2. wastepaperbasket

3. disposable

4. reusable

5. rubbish

6. bin

a) (noun) things you do not want anymore

b) (noun) a container used indoors (at home or school) toput unwanted paper in

c) (adjective) describes an object you can useagain

d) (adjective) describes an object you use (oftenonly once) and then put in the bin

e) (verb) to put something you do not want in the bin

f) (noun) a container for things you do not want

check the pronunciation of these words.

find synonyms listed and add these to the wordlist

2nd task

put the following items under the correct column:

a tissue – a burned match - acarrier (bag) – tights – shampoo- a refill – a folder – a napkin - a cork – an envelope




don’t know

3rd task

visitthe following sites and add 5 items of your choice from each site to the list


bring in two products from home for the nextlesson (one re-usable and one disposable one).

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