venerdì 4 settembre 2009

Time for literature!

Time for literature!

Students read the Greek mith of Echo and Narcissus and make their own considerations

Long time ago, there were Nymphs, beautiful maidens with very long hair. They loved dancing and singing, and their voice was so melodious that enchanted everyone who heard them. One of them, Echo, was a nice and exuberant Nymph: she was always quick on the draw and she knew amusing anecdotes. One day Zeus thought to exploit Eco’s talent to deceive Era, who kept watch on him night and day because of his repeated adulteries. So, he asked her to entertain the goddess with her speeches, as he could be free. Some time after, Era found out the deception and she punished the poor Nymph taking her away the capability to do a meaningful speech. Once, wandering through the woods, Echo met Narcissus, a handsome young boy and falls in love with him. He was Liriope Nymph’s son. Tiresias predicted her that Narcissus could live until he didn’t know himself. So the young boy grew in the country and became an able hunter and extremely good-looking. However, he despised love and moreover, even if he appreciated Eco’s good looks, he couldn’t stand her inability to speak. Because he didn’t know the reason of her speech defect, he didn’t understand her and got annoyed of her. He tried to stave off Echo, sometimes offending her. But she couldn’t detach herself from Narcissus, so she faded until she disappeared, becoming a feeble stammering voiced shadow. Because Narcissus was not affected even then, Nemesis, vengeance’s goddess, punished him realizing Tiresias’ prophecy. Narcissus, thirsty because of the heat, one day got closer to a small lake where he saw his reflection for the first time. He immediately fell in love with his own image and stayed for a long time admiring it, so he exhausted himself until he died. Then a pitiful god transformed him into a white and very perfumed flower that was called Narcissus like him.

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