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Francesca Gabriella Giuseppe Giorgia valentina

Hi, we are students from the liceo of Monopoli, in Italy. We will be your partners in the e-twinning project. Here, there are our descriptions. We hope you'll answer soon to us, and we can't wait to receive your e-mails.

Hello! I'm Francesca, but all the people call me Frasca, I'm fifteen years old. I'm medium height and thin, I have got long, brown, straight hair and brown eyes. In the photo I am in the middle and I wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. I play the violin and I began conservatorio when I was ten. I’m love dancing very much and I'm keen on reading. Now I go to the “liceo classico” school and I like it because I think that it's very important for my education, moreover, I hope to become a teacher of Italian litterature in the future, because I love humanistic subjects. I've never been in Poland but I would like to go there. As far as concerns this project I think that it's fantastic and I hope to see you soon.

Hello! My name is Giuseppe. I'm fifteen years old. In this photo I am on the left, near Gabriella. I was born and I live in a small city facing on the sea called Mola di Bari in the south of Italy. I'm a tall and slim boy with short, brown hair, brown eyes and a small mouth. I attend the classical liceum Galileo Galilei in Monopoli. I have a lot of hobbies like reading history books and I attend a special school of music, the “conservatorio”, where I play the cello and the piano, and this year I started to attend a course on composition as well. I don't like sports, so I only go to the gym. In my family there are four people: my father aged forty five, my mother aged forty two, my little brother aged two, and me. My father is a furniture seller and my mother helps him in this job while my brother attends the first year of primary school. I would like to become a musician... It would be fantastic if I could travel around the world. I'm very happy to do this project with you!!!

Hello! I'm Giorgia but everybody calls me Gioy. I'm fourteen years old and I'm the youngest in my class. I'm medium height, I have got long straight hair, Brown eyes and in the picture I'm on the right and I’m wearing a green and blue T-shirt. I dance twice a week.. I love reading, playing with my dog and swimming in the sea in summer. I'm an only child. I love going shopping and sometimes I go with my friends to the cinema. We are keen on seeing comedies and musicals like “High School Musical”. My favourite dishes are pasta with basil sauce and meatballs. I'm very curious to know your typical dishes. I'm very happy for this partnership. I'm sure that we will become friends!

Hello, I'm Gabriella and I'm fifteen. I'm tall and thin and I've got long, wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. I'm friendly, a little bit shy and clever. In the photo I'm between Giuseppe and Francesca and I’m wearing a beige light sweater. I live with my parents in Monopoli, a small town with a wonderful sea, and I'm an only child. I've got a dog, Piccio. He is very nice and joyful and I love playing with him. Actually, I attend the “liceo classico” but for now I don't know what I would like to do in the future. I like studying and my favourite subjects are Maths and English, but I also like the other subjects. In my spare time I love reading, especially adventure and fantasy books. Than I'm fond of listening to rap and pop music and going out with my friends. Moreover, I do “aikido”, a defensive martial art, and till last year I used to play the violin in my secondary school. I'm very happy to meet you on the net and I'm sure this twinning project will be interesting and exciting. I hope to see you soon, with love, Gabriella.

Hi! I'm Valentina but my friends call me Vale. I'm fifteen years old. I'm medium height and thin. I've got long, brown, wavy hair, and my eyes are brown, too. In the photo I’m wearing a light blue sweater and I'm next to Giorgia. I love swimming and listening to music. In my spare time I like going out with my friends and going to the cinema. I love animals, especially tigers, dolphins and cats, in fact I've got three cats: Ricola, Pollo and Nasina. My favourite dishes are meat and chips, lasagne and pizza; in fact on Saturday evenings I go out with my friends in the square of Monopoli and than we usually go to a pizzeria to eat a pizza. I study a lot of subjects: Latin, Greek, Italian, History, Geography, Religion, P.E., Maths and English, but my favourite subjects are Italian and English. And you, what do you do on Saturday evenings? Where do you go when you go out with your friends? What are your typical dishes? I'm very happy for the twinning and I hope that we will become penfriends. Bye bye, Vale.

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